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16ct Star-Sapphire Aida by Wichelt

16ct Star-Sapphire Aida by Wichelt

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16ct Star-Sapphire Aida by Wichelt

Color: Star-Sapphire
Fabric Count: 16 Count
Fabric Type: Aida
Fabric Composition: 100% cotton

Colors are similar to DMC 3813 but slightly paler

All Multiple pieces come UNCUT unless noted in order notes. No custom cut sizes available. Pricing is based on Fat Quarter cuts. If you would like a larger piece, use the guidelines below to order:

Approximate Fabric Sizes:
Fat Quarter – 18” x 25” (select quantity 1)
Fat Half – 25” x 36” (select quantity 2)
Full Yard – 36” x 50” (select quantity 4)

The measurements are based on standard sizes for cross stitch fabric.

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