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Gingerbread House - Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - 2 of 9

Gingerbread House - Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - 2 of 9

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Gingerbread House Pattern 2 of 9
Houses on Peppermint Lane Series by Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery

This is a paper chart that will be sent to you

Finished sizes:
Houses on Peppermint Lane - 15.5" x 19.25" (If Stitched all together)

Gingerbread House House - 5" x 5.5"

Stitch counts:
Houses on Peppermint Lane - 277h x 347w
Gingerbread House - 87h x 97w

Fabric: Model stitched on 36 ct Oaken by Picture this Plus with one strand of thread over two linen threads

Floss colors:

DMC 433 or Weeks Dye Works Swiss Chocolate
DMC 816 or Weeks Dye Works Cayenne
DMC 975 or Weeks Dye Works Pecan
DMC 3051 or Weeks Dye Works Collards
DMC 902 or Weeks Dye Works Brick
DMC 321 or Weeks Dye Works Turkish Red
DMC 782 or Weeks Dye Works Tiger's Eye
DMC 422 or Weeks Dye Works Sandcastle
DMC 3722 or Weeks Dye Works Red Pear
DMC 898 or Weeks Dye Works Chestnut
DMC Blanc or Weeks Dye Works Snowflake

If you are stitching as one piece, more information can be found on Pansy Patch's website.

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