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Heartland Quilting and Stitching

Haunted Hillside Farm by Praiseworthy Stitches

Haunted Hillside Farm by Praiseworthy Stitches

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Haunted Hillside Farm by Praiseworthy Stitches

Fabric: 32ct Dawn linen from Picture This Plus
Stitch count 140w X 179h Stitches

Weeks Moonglow
Weeks Skinny Dip
Weeks Confederate Gray
Weeks Molasses
Weeks Moss
Weeks Absinthe
Weeks Clockwork
Weeks Peoria Purple
Weeks Indian Summer
GA Sampler Oatmeal
GA Sampler Wrought Iron
GA Shaker Butternut Squash
GA Shaker Fragrant Cloves
GA Shaker Pumpkin Pie
GA Shaker Deep Forest
GA Shaker Heirloom Gold
GA Shaker Black Licorice

JABCO Button
Tiny bat 1102t
Witches hat 4449
Large purple spider 1153L
Owl 1187L
Wee Happy Jack 4599w
Large Happy Jack 4599L

Mill Hill Beads

DMC Diamant-D168

This is table topper-used the Ackfeld Table Top Stand #24377
(stand only). This can be framed.

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