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Erica Michaels

Quilting A Bee C's, Part 4 of 5 - Erica Michaels

Quilting A Bee C's, Part 4 of 5 - Erica Michaels

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Quilting A Bee C's, Part 4 of 5 - Erica Michaels

Printed Paper Pattern

Note from the designer: "Next up in this 5-part series, R,S,T,U,V,W form the fourth row in the overall design" This is part 4.

Are you a quilter as well as a stitcher? Or more of a wishful quilter, like me? If so, this five-part series is the perfect cross-over for you - patchwork quilt blocks and the alphabet combine for a fabulous sampler. Each block is unique, and the alphabet walks you through reminders to be amazed, kind, noble, and more.

Each chartpak in the series is one row of the sampler proceeding along in alpha order - and if you’d rather not stitch the large sampler, I’ll include charts and models to inspire you for using the individual blocks as various smalls.

Pattern is stitched on 36 ct French Vanilla from R&R Reproductions using Classic Colorworks floss. 

Finished size:
Quilting A-Bee Cs - 12.5" x 13.125"
Alphabet Blocks - 2.125" x 2.125"

Stitch counts:
Quilting A-Bee-Cs - 223h x 263w
Alphabet Blocks - 39w x 39h

Floss colors:
  • DMC 3799 or Classic Colorworks Black Coffee
  • DMC 310 or Classic Colorworks Blackbird
  • DMC 926 or Classic Colorworks Dublin Bay
  • DMC 167 or Classic Colorworks Hazelnut
  • DMC 816 or Classic Colorworks Holly Berry
  • DMC 3053 or Classic Colorworks Little Sprout
  • DMC 3866 or Classic Colorworks Magnolia Blossom
  • DMC 3345 or Classic Colorworks Mistletoe
  • DMC 3768 or Classic Colorworks Old Blue Jeans
  • DMC 3864 or Classic Colorworks Tea & Biscuits
  • DMC 3687 or Classic Colorworks Wild Berries
  • DMC 676 and DMC 729 or Classic Colorworks Queen Bee
  • DMC 839 and DMC 840 or Classic Colorworks Trail Dust (2 skeins)
  • DMC 336 and DMC 823 or Classic Colorworks Wavy Navy ( 3 skeins)

If you are stitching as one piece, more information can be found on Erica Michaels' website.


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