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Erica Michaels

Reindeer Games - Erica Michaels

Reindeer Games - Erica Michaels

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Reindeer Games - Erica Michaels
Models stitched over two on 40 Ct. Straw

Stitch Count for Framed Model: 140x130. Design Size: 7" x 7"
Stitch Count for Berry: 127x72 Design Size: 6" x 4"
Stitch Count for Drum: 189x40 Design Size: 9" x 2"

Black Coffee - Classic Colorworks
Trail Dust - Classic Colorworks
Holly Berry - Classic Colorworks
Steamed Broccoli - Classic Colorworks
Snowball - Classic Colorworks
DMC 729
DMC 3881 (or 164)
DMC 950
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