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Vanity Sampler by Hello From Liz Mathews

Vanity Sampler by Hello From Liz Mathews

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Vanity Sampler by Hello From Liz Mathews

Stitch Count: 240W x 286H.

Finished size: 12" x 14.3".

This sampler design by Hello From Liz Mathews features flowers, trees, and "Youth and vigor soon will flee. Blooming beauty lose it's charms. All that's mortal soon will be enclosed in death's cold arms." A second chart combines a collection of the motifs from the large sampler as well as two alphabets and a set of numbers allowing this piece to be personalized using the smaller sampler adaptation.

The model was stitched over 2 threads on 40 Ct. Affogato linen from Fibers on a Whim with NPI silk floss. DMC conversion is provided.

Called for floss colors:

DMC 612 or NPI Silks 901
DMC 167 or NPI Silks 902
DMC 370 or NPI Silks 332
DMC 3864 or NPI Silks 761
DMC 680 or NPI Silks 694
DMC 336 or NPI Silks 747
DMC 838 or NPI Silks 957
DMC 169 or NPI Silks 321
DMC 500 or NPI Silks 156
DMC 739 or NPI Silks 867
DMC 3362 or NPI Silks 642

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